I have not posted for a while due to attending a fantastic class sponsored by the American Chemical Society . Recently , I joined select  DUI lawyers from across the country in learning about forensic chromatography .Gas chromatography is the science behind blood alcohol testing. The class was 40 hours and included both theory and a hands on experience working with the machines.

The class covered several topics in the field along with lab work .Here is some of the topics ;

  • Gas Chromatography Theory
  • Headspace Gas Chromatography
  • Capillary Columns
  • Detectors
  • Resolution
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

The class has given me a greater understanding of the science and methods of blood alcohol testing . I highly recommend the class for DUI defense lawyers .

I would like to thank the Dr. Harold McNair , Dr. Lee polite , Attorney Justin McShane , and Attorney Josh Lee for a great learning experience.

Science or lack of the basic scientific method should govern criminal cases and the search for just evidence . Science knows no sides and DUI defense is being increasingly about the science.

As my friend Justice McShane says " Go Science".