The standardized field sobriety tests established by The National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration contains three tests. On this video , I am discussing the walk and turn test. Almost all police officers in Nashville,Tn. , Franklin , Tn. and all Tennessee Counties utilize this test in DUI investigations.

The police are looking for the following clues or indicators :

  • Cannot keep balance while listening to the instructions.
  • Starts before the instructions are finished.
  • Stops while walking.
  • Does not touch heel-to-toe.
  • Steps off line.
  • Uses arms to balance.
  • Improper turn.
  • Incorrect number of steps.

If you exhibit two are more clues , the original research provides there is a 685 chance you are over the legal limit of alcohol in your system.

Remember field sobriety tests are optional in Tennessee and you do not have to submit to them.