Last week I attended one of the best conferences in America dealing with forensic science issues in defending a drunk driving case . Pennsylvania DUI attorney Justin McShane gave a fantastic presentation on gas chromatography .Gas chromatography is the type of science used by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation  to determine the blood alcohol level . Here


I had my first experience dealing with Tennessee’s new bail bond law for those accused of DUI second , DUI third, and felony DUI offenses. The new law may keep those accused of these crimes from being released on bond.In Nashville,Tn., once a person is arrested and can’t make bond their case is placed on the

For the last three years , I have organized the annual DUI continuing legal education  seminar for the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense lawyers. It is scheduled for October 21 and 22 2010 in Tunica , Mississippi.Here’s a list of the presenters for day 1 of the  seminar;

  1. Dour Aaron of Manchester , Tennessee will be

On January 1 , 2011 , new DUI laws will go into effect in Tennessee that mandate the ignition interlock devices. These devices may be required to be installed in cars of those convicted of DUI. Here’s a short video of a lady that had her child blow into the interlock device.The interlock device is