Last week I attended one of the best conferences in America dealing with forensic science issues in defending a drunk driving case . Pennsylvania DUI attorney Justin McShane gave a fantastic presentation on gas chromatography .Gas chromatography is the type of science used by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation  to determine the blood alcohol level . Here is a article from Wake Forrest university Department of Chemistry on the subject .

In addressing ways to combat the blood alcohol result  , Attorney McShane suggested some critical issues.

  • A great DUI lawyer should have a basic understanding of the  working terminology of the science of head space gas chromatography.
  • One must be able to review a chromatogram to determine if there are any problems with the blood alcohol estimate.
  • The separation matrix must be identified.

Most lawyers in Tennessee give up once they discover the results of a blood alcohol test . Over the course of my practice , I discovered that we buy in to the belief that some science is foolproof . Remember , lab work is conducted by normal human beings who put stuff in a machine , Blood test results are not infallible.. These lab folks are not experts only machine operators. Do any Google search for issues in the forensic lab and you will discover mistakes and fraud across the country .

Here’s some questions you can ask  when you are looking to hire a Tennessee DUI Lawyer .

  • Can you read a gas chromatogram ?
  • What machine do they use to test blood alcohol at the TBI crime lab in Nashville ?

Tennessee DUI cases are getting tougher every day. Don’t want to plead as charged fight back.