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Craig Garber pleaded guilty to a triple murder in Nashville,Tn. yesterday. Mr.Garber was facing the death penalty. Nashville’s District Attorney’s Office made the decision to offer a plea bargain agreement where Mr.Garber must  serve three consecutive life sentences.Mr.Garber will be eligible to get out in 153 years. There were several reasons why the District Attorney’s

 Gu Kailai was convicted of murdering a British business partner in China . The trial lasted less than seven hours including a break for lunch . The Chinese criminal justice system apparently works with great speed . It is quite different than the American criminal justice system.

Here are some of the differences that

The jail house snitch is often used as a key witness in some criminal cases by the District Attorney’s Office. The most memorable jail house snitch used in a Nashville , Tn. murder  case  was in the case against Perry March.  The Snitching Blog  reported on the case of Sivak v. Hardison where the 9th Circuit

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe declared that he did not plan to grant pardons in the West Memphis Three case unless evidence showed that someone else committed the murders. The West Memphis Three were convicted of three murders in 1993 . The case was based in large part on a suspect confession by one of the co-defendants