Gu Kailai was convicted of murdering a British business partner in China . The trial lasted less than seven hours including a break for lunch . The Chinese criminal justice system apparently works with great speed . It is quite different than the American criminal justice system.

Here are some of the differences that happened in Ms. Kailai’s trial;

  • The trial was held over 800 miles from where the crime occurred.
  • No jury decided her fate.
  • Ms.Kailai was deprived her choice of an attorney . She had to accept a government appointed attorney.
  • The criminal defense lawyer never had the opportunity to review or examine the evidence used against her.
  • No witnesses were called.
  • All testimony was presented in writing.
  • No cross examination of witnesses was conducted.
  • No defense witnesses were called.

The New York Times reported that China has a conviction rate of over 98% . No wonder that Chinese prosecutors never lose a case. One observer posted a summary of the trial on-line but it was quickly taken down. Censorship was at work to cover up the farce of a trial.

Folks complain about the American criminal justice system. Too slow , appeals , jury trials and the list seems like it goes on forever. However , I sure am glad we have the best criminal justice system in world .  Someone charged with murder should get at least a fair trial or one that appears to be orchestrated by the government.