Nashville Drunk Driving Lawyer

New Mexico has some of the highest highway accident  death rates in the nation. In order to combat those death rates , the New Mexico State Legislature has proposed some laws that would ban the sale of alcohol to those convicted of driving under the Influence of alcohol.  State Legislatures constantly rework the DUI laws


In almost  every DUI arrest warrant that I review , there is a common denominator. The defendant has  red , bloodshot , and glassy eyes. Alcohol is not the only cause for red bloodshot and watery eyes. Here is a complete list ;<!–


Possible Causes of Bloodshot Eyes at Night

  • Environmental toxins
  • Sun exposure

Here is the celebrity DUI mugshot of Randy Travis. Remember , he is presumed innocent of all charges.


George Korpita , a former New Jersey Judge , conviction for drunk driving has been upheld on appeal. According to the facts of the case , Judge Korpita burped 78 times while waiting to do the breath alcohol test . After , all those burps , the cop arrested him for drunk driving and

Here’s a video , I created some time ago.It illustrates the third problem with field sobriety tests. While your looking at the screen shot of the video , you might be thinking to yourself why is  he holding a women’s shoe . Trust me . I am not Coach Ryan with a foot