George Korpita , a former New Jersey Judge , conviction for drunk driving has been upheld on appeal. According to the facts of the case , Judge Korpita burped 78 times while waiting to do the breath alcohol test . After , all those burps , the cop arrested him for drunk driving and violating the implied consent law .why is this case important in Tennessee DUI cases /

The former judge knew that the burping would prohibit a breath alcohol sample from being taken. Tennessee DUI laws require that there be no burping or belching for 20 minutes prior to the breath alcohol test being given for it to be admissible into evidence. The judge knew the law and tried to take advantage of it .

How does it help you ? Think back to the best test and think about whether you burped before the test . Some people might experience a micro burp. You know us Southerners . We are too polite to let a burp rip. We would try to suppress it . Belching and burping are defenses to a breath alcohol result in Nashville DUI cases.