Here’s a video , I created some time ago.It illustrates the third problem with field sobriety tests. While your looking at the screen shot of the video , you might be thinking to yourself why is  he holding a women’s shoe . Trust me . I am not Coach Ryan with a foot fetish. The video shows a great point of a  failed  DUI  investigation.Women today wear crazy heels when they go out. Your shoes can effect the field sobriety tests.

According to VIII-11 of the February , 2006 Edition of The DWI Detection and Standardized Sobriety Testing student Manual., " Individuals wearing heels more than 2 inches should be given the opportunity to remove their shoes.It can be a Catch-22 for the client.Take off the shoes and your walking barefoot on the roadway under varying conditions.Don’t take off your shoes and you are doing field sobriety tests on stilts.This is the third problem with field sobriety tests in drunk driving cases in Tennessee.

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