In more than three dozen cases across the country,  rap lyrics are  playing a major role in criminal trials. Gangsta rap is a genre of rap music that embraces a violence, drug deals, and shootings. The explosion in the use of rap lyrics at trial are causing some criminal defense lawyers concern. The lyrics

Yesterday’s post was my modest proposal for Governor Haslam to commute all those on death row to a sentence of life without parole instead of the death penalty. The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts contacted me today with the cost of court appointed lawyers defending those facing the death penalty.

The cost to Tennessee

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey made the news when he called for Tennessee to start executing those on death row. 79 people are on death row in Tennessee. Tennessee has not executed anyone in years. Delays are numerous as the appeals process is long and hard. With the delays , the victim’s families play the waiting

Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder . While his lawyer Michael Fee puts his spin that "it is a circumstantial evidence case;it is not a strong case." I disagree with Mr.Fee based upon what is reported in the news.

Mr.Hernandez was caught in large part based on the newest weapon in

Craig Garber pleaded guilty to a triple murder in Nashville,Tn. yesterday. Mr.Garber was facing the death penalty. Nashville’s District Attorney’s Office made the decision to offer a plea bargain agreement where Mr.Garber must  serve three consecutive life sentences.Mr.Garber will be eligible to get out in 153 years. There were several reasons why the District Attorney’s

Montana has a Castle Doctrine as a defense to a murder charge.  However, it is currently being reexamined.  Heather Fredenberg had an affair with Brice Harper. Her husband, Dan Fredenberg, found out about the affair and went to Mr. Harper’s house to confront him.  Mr. Fredenburg walked though a open garage door where he was shot and

I had not followed the Drew Peterson murder trial until a friend asked me if I thought he was guilty. I did not know much until the verdict came down. It appears some hearsay evidence persuaded the jurors to return a guilty verdict.  A new rule of evidence was passed in 2008 which allowed some

Should smart phones be banned from the courtroom during trials ?  A Kansas judge had to declare a mistrial recently in a murder trial . A local reporter from the Topeka Capital-Journal got permission from the court to use her camera phone to tweet from a murder trial. The reporter was even allowed to take

Shanterrica Madden is on trial for the murder of MTSU basketball star Tina Stewart . Brandon Gee reported on a recent  hearing in The Tennessean . Circuit Court Judge Don Ash follows a novel procedure that allows jurors to ask questions during the trial. Defense attorney Joe Brandon filed a pre-trial motion hoping to persuade the