Who says you can’t learn anything on Twitter ? Last night while I was listening to the Alabama Shakes debut release , I read a tweet from lawyer Bob Ambrogi who writes on law firm web sites and social media . The tweet linked to a post about George Zimmerman’s lawyer creating a social media campaign.

It appears that the Zimmerman legal defense team has created a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account . I have never known a person facing criminal charges to launch a social media campaign . Interestingly , the lawyers for Mr. Zimmerman claim it is not to influence the public but rather to manage the emails and phone calls about their client. Two things may be going on as to why the social campaign was launched. First , the social media campaign puts a spin on the case from the defense perspective. Second , the firm is simply promoting itself. The criminal defense lawyers have the case of a lifetime with intense media coverage.Why not parlay that into a bigger reputation. I expect the court will issue a gag order to stop the media campaign.

On the local front, the question remains is whether other lawyers will launch a social media campaign about their clients or potential issues. How about a social media campaign on breath alcohol tests or police tactics. It appears to be an ongoing problem with how the courts deal with social media in the future.