One of the worst decisions you can make is to try to outrun the police.My tip for the day on how to get along with police on the roadway is to pull over immediately once you see the blue lights.However, some folks get scared and confused and don’t stop as directed. Evading arrest in


What is a aggravated vehicular homicide charge in Tennessee ? Most criminal charges have elements or components of what it takes to be convicted. Here is the jury charge of aggravated vehicular homicide ;

T.P.I. — CRIM. 7.11


            Members of the Jury, you have found the defendant guilty beyond

Nicole Young and Clay Carey of The Tennessean reported about the use of social media by Detective Dean Haney of the Metro Nashville Police Department to combat crime.The use of social media such as Facebook,Twitter , and My Space is growing at a tremendous rate. I even have a Facebook page.Using Facebook and other social media in criminal and personal injury cases have been used since it’s inception, but now it’s use is exploding.

Detective Haney searches the photos he retrieves from MySpace and Facebook to post on the wall at Nashville’s North Precinct.It amazes me what people post on Facebook.Haney reports that he has seen AK-47 rifles , weapons, and stacks of cash.In under age consumption of alcohol cases , The Franklin Police Department and the Brentwood Police Department routinely search social media sites to corroborate the charges.Police in Chattanooga,Tn discovered an on line forum of people planning illegal drag races.Continue Reading The Use of Facebook to Gather Evidence Takes Off