One of the worst decisions you can make is to try to outrun the police.My tip for the day on how to get along with police on the roadway is to pull over immediately once you see the blue lights.However, some folks get scared and confused and don’t stop as directed. Evading arrest in Tennessee can be a felony.What’s the difference ?

 Felony evading arrest is when one evades arrest using a motor vehicle.Misdemeanor evading arrest is when you just try to intentionally run away by any means of locomotion.The use of a car to flee makes evading arrest a Class E felony.There is one more little kicker.If during the felony evading arrest the flight creates a risk of death or injury to innocent bystanders or other third parties increases the charge to a Class D felony.Also, it carries a loss of your driver’s license.

The takeaway is you can’t win your case on the roadway.Obey the police when they have all the cards.Fight your criminal case where it counts.The courtroom is where you are on equal ground with the police.