It saddens me the way some DUI cases are handled in the State of Tennessee. Some lawyers think these are easy cases. They take a client’s money. No investigation is done. Then a plea of guilty as charged. A recent case illustrated this point.

The charge was a felony DUI. In Tennessee, it requires three

Nashville’s WLPN radio has been reporting on some of the new criminal laws that went into effect at the start of the New Year . Tennessee has created a new class of reckless endangerment charges. Senator Mark Norris spearheaded the new law based upon the drive by shootings that occur in Memphis, Tn. The new law


One of the worst decisions you can make is to try to outrun the police.My tip for the day on how to get along with police on the roadway is to pull over immediately once you see the blue lights.However, some folks get scared and confused and don’t stop as directed. Evading arrest in