In more than three dozen cases across the country,  rap lyrics are  playing a major role in criminal trials. Gangsta rap is a genre of rap music that embraces a violence, drug deals, and shootings. The explosion in the use of rap lyrics at trial are causing some criminal defense lawyers concern. The lyrics

I have a confession. I love to read John Grisham’s books. I just finished Sycamore Row. It was a great story. Many of the characters were from Grisham’s first book . Jake  Brigance returns  to try a will contest case. The trial revisits emotions from a time long ago. I  highly recommend the book.


In almost  every DUI arrest warrant that I review , there is a common denominator. The defendant has  red , bloodshot , and glassy eyes. Alcohol is not the only cause for red bloodshot and watery eyes. Here is a complete list ;<!–


Possible Causes of Bloodshot Eyes at Night

  • Environmental toxins
  • Sun exposure

I had not followed the Drew Peterson murder trial until a friend asked me if I thought he was guilty. I did not know much until the verdict came down. It appears some hearsay evidence persuaded the jurors to return a guilty verdict.  A new rule of evidence was passed in 2008 which allowed some

 I did not realize an iphone had a voice recorder until this summer. If your questioned by police , should you record your conversation with the police. I did a quick check and there does not appear to be any laws in Tennessee  prohibiting a citizen from tape recording their conversations with police officers .

I watched a portion of a trial today while I was waiting for my case to be called in the Birch Building. I have a case next week withe the same prosecutor and just wanted to watch. One evidence issue came to mind during the trial which sparked a thought. Normally , when a video

The video in this post is addressing the "exit sequence" component of a DUI or drunk driving investigation.The police officer is looking for evidence of impairment as a driver steps and walks from the car. According to the National Highway Traffic  Safety Administration , the police will be looking for the following clues.

  • Cannot open

   In Tennessee Criminal courtrooms, probation violation hearings are sometimes difficult to win.  However, I ran across some good case law to help win these cases.

Often, a probation violation warrant is taken out due to a new criminal charge.  In State of Tennessee v. James Butler, the Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee  held that