Congressman Anthony Weiner is all over the news with his Twitter postings . Now , it appears he is under investigation for sexting with a 17 year old girl in Delaware . Is sexting with a minor illegal  under Tennessee criminal law ? Are there consequences in Tennessee for an adult to sext with a minor .

What is sexting ? Sexting is a term coined by the media which generally refers to the sending , receiving , or forwarding of sexually suggestive nude photos or nearly nude photos .

Is sexting illegal in Tennessee ? Not yet for consenting adults . The problem is when one sends nude images to a minor or receives nude images of a minor . According to one study , 8 out of 10 sexters are under 18 .

 Two potential criminal charges could be possible for the act of sexting with a minor . First , one could be charged with contributing with the delinquency of a minor. Secondly , one could be charged with sexual exploitation of minor which is a serious charge.

Warning , sexting may be dangerous to your health or your freedom.