The purpose of a  bail bond is to release a person charged with a crime from jail. In exchange , the accused promises to make all their court dates subject to the bail bond being forfeited upon a failure to appear. What happens when the courts set an excessive or punitive bond to punish those

A friend of mine forwarded the DUI sobriety checkpoints for Williamson County for this holiday season. Don’t worry. The police are supposed to publish the checkpoint locations and times. Here is the schedule ;

Sobriety Roadside Safety Checkpoints
      The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office along with other jurisdictions will be conducting sobriety roadside

I was planning on writing this post yesterday. However, a hearing in Smyrna General Sessions court and Mother Nature with a blast of snow left me on the interstate for hours with most of everybody in Nashville. The second problem with the field sobriety tests is that not everybody is  the same age. As discussed in

As summer fades, the Labor Day weekend is upon us. Motorists and boaters will be out in full force in the Volunteer State this weekend. Holiday weekends also mark an increased effort by the police for DUI enforcement and more boat checks by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource officers.Firs , I encourage every one to drive safe

In the last few months, I have been creating videos on different legal issuses ranging from drunk driving defense to truck accident cases.  I complied a few clips of different aspects on the ins and outs of  defending a Tennessee DUI case.  I am providing these DUI DVD’s free as long as the supply

One of the most common questions I get is, "Why was I charged for drunk driving if I was parked in my car?"  Under Tennessee law, a person can be charged for drunk driving (DUI) even if they are asleep in the back seat of the car.  I created this short video of various

 Detroit Lions team president Tom Lewand failed field sobriety tests and his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit in two breath tests administered by Roscommon County Sheriff’s deputies who observed him driving erratically late Friday, reports USA Today.  I normally don’t blog about celebrity DUI arrests however there are two

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One of the hidden benefits of being a criminal defense attorney in Nashville , Tennessee is that I handle cases all over Tennessee. Today , I had a couple of cases in Springfield, Tn. With one case in the morning and one in the afternoon , I thought I would find a great local restaurant .

In this post , i continue to discuss the Metro Nashville Police Department’s DUI testing report. The first field sobriety test given is usually the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Laboratory research by the Southern California Research Institute indicates the HGN test is 77 % accurate according to the 2006 NHTSA manual in determining