Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer waived his right to a preliminary hearing in his sex abuse case. As I was leaving for court today , Ann Curry asked Joe Amendola if he was competent to handle these sex abuse allegations. Ms. Curry asked a hard question that most criminal defense attorneys are asking. What is Mr.

Sexual molestation charges against former Penn state football coach Jerry Sandusky has rocked Penn State University . From news reports , it appears a graduate assistant discovered former coach Sandusky molesting a young boy in a shower in 2002. Coach Paterno was notified and he passed the information along to the administration . Here is

A Gallatin , Tennessee band teacher was charged with statutory rape by an authority figure .  From news reports , a female teacher had sexual relations over 20 times with a student . The case is set for hearing in the General Sessions Court of Sumner County , Tennessee in December. There are two points about

  The Tennessee State Legislature debated whether to require juvenile sex offenders to be placed on the sex offender registry .The sex offender registry got it’s start under the Adam Walsh Act. Melanie Bean , a criminal defense attorney from Lebanon , Tennessee is the Chair of the Legislative Committee for the Tennessee Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers. She attended the meetings are here are her observations.Melanie has done a great job in following these bills.Continue Reading Will The Sex Offender Registry be Extended To Juveniles