As I was driving to General Sessions Court in Springfield , Tennessee today , I was listening to a story on NPR . The storyline was about what happens when someone convicted of a crime can’t pay their fees. Often times , it  appears that someone who can’t pay the fines or fees are

Jerry Sandusky is going to prison to serve between 30 to 60 years for being convicted of over 40 counts of abusing children. I am not sure of his convictions. The news reports just refer to molesting children or sex abuse. Under Tennessee law, it could be rape of a child or aggravated child

Dennis Ferrier of WSMV reports that only 17 people have taken advantage of Tennessee’s new expungement law . I was excited about the new expungemnt law going into effect in hopes it would give citizens a second chance. Once , I had a hard look at the law . I knew few people would qualify. 

I came across a question that was worth repeating. Can you move out of the state while on probation in Tennessee ?  When a person is placed on probation usually they sign a order of probation . One of the conditions of probation is that a probationer can not travel out of the state without

I recently received a comment to a blog post . First , I welcome all comments. Sometimes , folks post a comment that is a question . I will try to answer most questions if possible.

The comment addressed the new expungement law . The new expungement law did not change the status of expungements

I know it is shocking but there are some people that are guilty as charged. The criminal justice system cannot afford to put everybody in prison. So , the Tennessee Legislature created alternative sentencing that allows the judge to not send a person convicted of a crime to jail in certain circumstances. The most typical

Yesterday , I watched and waited on whether the execution of Troy Davis would be stayed . It was not and Troy Davis was put to death.  In the days before his execution , public interest swelled . Protesters , posts on twitter and an outcry to stop the execution. The last minute appeal to

What is the punishment for aggravated sexual battery under Tennessee criminal law ?

 Aggravated sexual battery is a Class B felony in Tennessee . The full range of punishment is 8 to 30 years in jail . The true length of the prison sentence depends on the number of felony convictions that one

John Lennon’s killer Mark  David Chapman was denied parole for the sixth time in New York recently. Mr. Chapman has served over 30 years for the murder. Yoko Ono urged against Mr. Chapman’s release on fears of safety for her family. Chapman will go up for parole again in 2012. He received 20 to life