I came across a question that was worth repeating. Can you move out of the state while on probation in Tennessee ?  When a person is placed on probation usually they sign a order of probation . One of the conditions of probation is that a probationer can not travel out of the state without their probation officer’s permission . That means a person cannot move out of state or even go a vacation without their probation officer’s okay. Now, a probation officer can authorize a person to move out of state. However , the probation must be transferred to the other state and it must be accepted by the other state.

What happens if you go outside the state without the probation officer’s permission ?  A probation officer could issue a probation violation warrant for your arrest based upon the move. Avoid any problems and ask the probation officer for permission to leave the state. It is always better to follow the rules of probation to avoid going to jail.

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