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Jody Arias is facing questioning by the jurors in her trial charging her with murder. I have not followed the case , however I got into a discussion about her being subjected to jury questioning . Ms. Arias has undergone two days of questioning from the jurors. Most questions have focused on why she did not

Recently ,we had a comment posted on Nashville Criminal Law Report on  whether a phone call was enough evidence to support a charge of reckless endangerment in Tennessee.It depends. One element of reckless endangerment is whether the conduct places a person in imminent danger.

In the example of a phone call , there can be

I ran across some great information from on the Padillia case. Here’ is the main points

Some Key Padilla Take-Away Points for Criminal Defense Lawyers

• Deportation is a “penalty,” not a “collateral consequence,” of the criminal proceeding. The Court held that deportation is a “particularly severe ‘penalty’” and made clear that the “direct