Recently ,we had a comment posted on Nashville Criminal Law Report on  whether a phone call was enough evidence to support a charge of reckless endangerment in Tennessee.It depends. One element of reckless endangerment is whether the conduct places a person in imminent danger.


In the example of a phone call , there can be several different factors.

  • Where was the phone call made ?
  • Distance from the caller to the person.
  • What were the comments made on the call ?
  • Was a weapon used or mentioned in the phone call ?

For the threat of bodily injury to be imminent, the person must be placed in a reasonable probability of danger as opposed to a mere possibility of danger.

To support a conviction for felony reckless endangerment  , there must be proof of of the use of a deadly weapon.

I would like the thank the commenter for his question and I welcome all comments.I will try to answer the comments if possible.Remember this is not legal advice but merely commentary.If you have more questions please consult your lawyer. If you need a consultation for a case in Nashville or the Middle Tennessee area you can contact our office.