Should everyone in America blow in a breath test machine before they start their car ?  That is exactly what Newsday is proposing in an editorial in reaction to a police officer’s tragic death. Officer Joseph Oliveri was responding to a car accident in which James Ryan hit some cars. It is alleged that Mr.

The video in this post is addressing the "exit sequence" component of a DUI or drunk driving investigation.The police officer is looking for evidence of impairment as a driver steps and walks from the car. According to the National Highway Traffic  Safety Administration , the police will be looking for the following clues.

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California DUI attorney Lawrence Taylor  just posted an article on the future of DUI prosecutions.  The blog post was premised on a speech that he presented several years ago.  In Tennessee DUI cases, the severity of the prosecution is completely different in a drunk driving case verses another type of criminal case.  One does not

My DUI prevention tip of the day was inspired by a new case I am handling. The tip of the day is to avoid using your cell phone while driving after having a beer.  The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has produced numerous studies on cell phone usage and it’s impact on driving.  Combine a

While I was in court today in Sumner County ,Tn., I bought a copy of  the Gallatin News Examiner , In the community forum section, State Rep. Mike McDonald of Portland ,Tn. wrote  an update on the new DUI laws up for discussion.House Bill 3280 revises the list of substances that can be cited as

 Tennessee’s version of the DUI Ignition Interlock Law has moved forward. Currently there are two  of the  being proposed. House Bill 2768 by Representative Shipley is less restrictive than House Bill 2917 which is being pushed by MADD.House Bill 2917 would require an ignition interlock device of everyone that is convicted of drunk driving in Tennessee with no exceptions.Continue Reading Tennessee’s DUI Ignition Interlock Law Moves Forward