Should everyone in America blow in a breath test machine before they start their car ?  That is exactly what Newsday is proposing in an editorial in reaction to a police officer’s tragic death. Officer Joseph Oliveri was responding to a car accident in which James Ryan hit some cars. It is alleged that Mr. Ryan was driving while under the influence. Officer Oliveri was working the accident when another car hit and killed him. . NewsDay now wants all cars to have a breath alcohol machine installed.

The first question is should  lawmakers requires ignition interlock devices in all cars in America to combat drunk driving ?  Everyone agrees that driving under the influence is a serious problem . Drunk driving causes accidents , serious injuries , and death every single day. No one is in favor of getting behind the wheel drunk. However , should the threat of drunk drivers imprison everyone who owns a car by having a device on the car. Consider if the law takes effect requiring everybody to blow. There will be no more dinners with a glass of wine.  Having a beer at a football game done.

My father had a saying that you can’t legislate morals. Does society create a new prohibition ? Our country must find the root of the problem . A solution is needed and it is not to require every car in America to a alcohol testing machine on board. In my career , I have seen the blood alcohol levels go from .15 % BAC to .08% BAC. Punishment increases with each legislative year.Here is a great comment on the problem via Scott Greenfield;

  More importantly, the solution to individual impropriety isn’t to hold those who have done no wrong, and wouldn’t do wrong, captive.

I agree with Mr. Greenfield. The solution to the problem of drunk driving should be measured to only punish the guilty. I fear that the government’s way is to arrest everyone no matter how slight the evidence. Newsday’s solution is just make everyone blow. Different folks have different ideas. Newsday’s option just does not follow common sense.