Chattanooga criminal defense attorney Jerry Summers discovered a major problem with a blood alcohol test in a vehicular homicide case he was handing  Mr.. Summers requested an independent sample of his clients blood. The independent test came back completely different than what the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI)  analyst Kyle Bayer reported. The case against

The United States Supreme Court ruled  that forced blood draws are not valid based upon the fact that alcohol may dissipate over time. Missouri argued for a per se rule that all forced blood results are valid based upon the exigency of the circumstances.

Missouri unsuccessfully argued that alcohol dissipates over time, therefore this meets

Every DUI case in Nashville , Tennessee and every where else in Middle Tennessee is being delayed by the blood alcohol tests. Once a person submits to a blood alcohol test , the sample is send to one of three forensic labs run by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. According to a memo send to the

It is October 1, and the U.S.Supreme Court is back in session after the summer break. Now if only Justice Thomas will ask a question during arguments. It is a full docket for the court on issues that effect criminal defense lawyers. Here is a brief list of the cases that might impact you in

Ryan Braun’s drug test case is back in the news. As I was watching ESPN during  lunch today , it was reported that Major League Baseball fired the arbitrator in the Braun drug testing case. I wish that I could do that in my cases . I don’t like the judge’s ruling. A couple of months