I spend last week at a continuing legal education conference in Ft .Collins , Colorado. The conference was the brainchild of Wisconsin DUI lawyer Andrew Mishlove and sponsored by the National College of DUI Defense. The conference had two components . First , it taught some basic science skills on blood alcohol testing. Secondly , it

The image above is a lab tech sorting blood alcohol samples into a rack.  I now know why that’s important due to a class I took last year. DUI lawyer Justin McShane posted an article about the details of the class on gas chromatography on his blog. The point that Mr. McShane makes is that

Pennsylvania DUI attorney Justin McShane has moved to the front of criminal defense attorneys in using forensic science to attack the state’s case.  Here is a short video he produced illustrating the need to have the machine calibrated . Justin also writes a blog on forensic science issues .His commentary is on target as