The image above is a lab tech sorting blood alcohol samples into a rack.  I now know why that’s important due to a class I took last year. DUI lawyer Justin McShane posted an article about the details of the class on gas chromatography on his blog. The point that Mr. McShane makes is that great DUI lawyers need to understand the ins and outs of forensic science. All too often we as criminal defense attorneys look at a one page blood alcohol report and cringe with fear.Thanks to the class that Mr.McShane started. Criminal defense lawyers don’t need to cower.

The link to the article lays out the agenda of the program. Attorney Machine teaches the program with real live scientists and attorney Josh Lee. . Today’s post is to thank him , Josh and the teaching staff for providing a great learning experience.

Disclaimer . I graduated from the course last June . I wish I would have paid more attention in science class in my younger days. So do the lab techs. Just ask one of them to explain Van Deemter’s curve.