Ashland City DUI Lawyer

Every DUI case in Nashville , Tennessee and every where else in Middle Tennessee is being delayed by the blood alcohol tests. Once a person submits to a blood alcohol test , the sample is send to one of three forensic labs run by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. According to a memo send to the

Tennessee has a uniform driving under the influence (DUI) laws. However , the application varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you are convicted on DUI in Tennessee , Tennessee Code Annotated 55-10-403(p)(1) provides that a person convicted of a DUI shall report within 30 days to commence the sentence . Generally , you have 30

Tennessee ‘s new bail bond laws on DUI second offenses and greater goes into effect on January 1 , 2011. Tomorrow , I am presenting a webinar for the Tennessee Bar Association on the new DUI bail bond laws as well as tips on how to lower a bail bond. I will be answering questions on the