The Tennessee State Legislature has a habit of enacting new criminal laws on an isolated incident that occurred in someone’s legislative district. The practice creates terrible laws. I read a great quote recently from an outgoing U.S Senator. " Legislatures should govern not campaign." Tennessee State Legislator Jeremy Faison tweeted that the death penalty

America must do something to end the weekly news reports of some horrific mass shooting. Our bedrock was shock with the tragedy of the shootings at Sandy Hook. I ran across a letter from  Federal Judge Larry Alan Burns who presided over the case of the Tuscon shooting. Before I share his article in full

   Tennessee’s new law on armed robbery, or as it is defined in Tennessee, aggravated robbery goes into effect today.  The only change in the law is the punishment.  A conviction of aggravated robbery carries a range of imprisonment of 8 – 12 years as a standard range I offender.  A person must serve at