Right now, I have a very active practice defending nurses, doctors, dentists and other health care professionals before the various Tennessee boards that regulate their license. It was a very different path that I took in defending health care professionals. I was thinking recently on how it all started.

Most lawyers really don’t know what

First, I must give credit for The Marshall Project. The Marshall Project is deeply engaged in criminal justice reform.  Dr. Brie Williams and Dr. Leah Rorvig wrote a great article tiled ” COVID-19: A Survival Guide for Incarcerated People” that appeared in the Marshall Project. If your interested in criminal justice reform, you should follow

The Nashville Tennessean reported yesterday  that Metro Nashville Police Department will not be getting funding for body cams. This news is shocking. Why ?  Metro Nashville Police Department has for years resisted a department wide implementation of body cams. Police s have for years hid behind the cost of the body cams as the reason