A question that pops up over and over again is " Does a confidential informant have do tell me they are the police ? "  One can count on the police recording activity of illegal drug sales or interviewing suspects under criminal investigation . Secret recordings are one of the standard tools that police use every day.

My last post illustrated your constitutional right to remain silent when confronted by police. Following up on that theme is a report from the morning news. Eric Bugg was stopped for following a tractor trailer truck too closely. Once he was stopped, a Nashville police drug interdiction officer  saw two duffel bags in the


Ken Whitehouse of the Nashville City Paper recently interviewed Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Long . The interview focused on the challenges faced by law enforcement In Williamson County , Tennessee. Surprisingly , Sheriff Long stated prescription drug abuse is the number 1 problem facing the Williamson County Sheriff’s office. Here is some of his

Two drug dog cases were heard were on the docket this week at the United States Supreme Court. The use of dogs to detect illegal drugs is on the rise. Criminal defense lawyers and the court’s  struggle on when the use of the drug dogs may trigger a Fourth Amendment violation.


The first case involves Franky

Federal Judge Richard Posner has recently spoken in favor of legalizing marijuana and abolishing many of the country’s drug laws. What gives more weight to his position is his status. Judge Posner is a widely respected federal judge and is considered a conservative .Here is some of his comments;

"Personally, I don’t think we

A Nashville , Tn. couple was arrested this week on charges of manufacturing marijuana and possession of marijuana within a 1000 feet of a school zone. Metro Nashville Police discovered a large marijuana growing operation this week. A police officer noticed the smell during a DUI traffic stop. The smell was traced to a house in


The Buffalo River runs though Wayne County . It makes a great rip to float down the river on a hot sunny day . However , big brother might be watching your fun.

I just got back from the Wayne County General sessions court in Waynesboro , Tn.  A new police technique was discovered

Richard A. Oppel Jr. of the New York Times  just published a article  entitled " Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors". From my perspective handling criminal cases in Tennessee , Mr Oppel is right on target. Under Tennessee criminal sentencing laws , there are mandatory minimum sentences in certain criminal offenses.Some prosecutors use