The Buffalo River runs though Wayne County . It makes a great rip to float down the river on a hot sunny day . However , big brother might be watching your fun.

I just got back from the Wayne County General sessions court in Waynesboro , Tn.  A new police technique was discovered . It appears that members of the local drug task force set up observation posts during the summer . They look like duck blinds . As folks float down the river , they are on the look out for drunk boaters and for people that may be smoking a little weed. Once they see them , the investigation starts.  It seems that all the canoe outfitters like my personal favorite Crazy Horse knows of the police tactics and tell the folks the drug task force is on the river. The lesson is don’t have the 4290 on the river. Remember simple possession of marijuana in Tennessee is a Class A misdemeanor that carries jail time , probation , and a mandatory minimum fine of $250.00

Imagine what those police officers would do if they set up shop at Bonnaroo.