Last week , I had to buy a new cell phone. It took a long time at the store and they had a TV with a couch . So , I sat down for the wait. Judge Judy was on TV. I have to admit I don’t watch the TV judge shows. I see enough of judges during the workday. . Most people that I represent in criminal cases have never been to a criminal court. As I was watching Judge Judy , I was thinking that there were some important lessons for people going to court for the first time to consider.

Here are a few takeaways you should consider when appearing in court ;

  • Don’t make faces or and expressions when the other party or policeman are testifying. Judges hate this display of non verbal communication. Don’t shake your head or make any expressions.
  • Don’t speak when the judge is speaking. this is a cardinal rule you should follow. The judge will be polite and let you talk ,but when the judge is speaking be quiet  and wait your turn.
  • Don’t speak when the other side is speaking.
  • Dress like you are going to church , a job interview ,or a funeral. Don’t dress like you are going to a night club.
  • When the judge asks you a question , answer the question. Don’t ramble .

One key to winning in the courtroom is how you conduct yourself. Common courtesy goes a long way. Putting your best foot forward is the first step towards success in the courtroom.