Yesterday , I posted a criminal law tip of the day on my office’s facebook page . I thought my next tip should be on the blog because it gives those facing criminal charges some advice on how to survive the criminal court process.

Today’s tip is to be early for court. If court starts at 9:00 A.M., plan to get there thirty minute before the docket call. The reason is some judges treat those that come to court late a little tougher. Some judges in Nashville call the docket at different times even though you are told to be there at nine. The reason to come early is to take away a little stress. Traffic jams or the line at the elevator in the A.A. Birch Building are good reasons to get to court early. Another thing is you may get your case settled early. I know I like to get to court early if possible to talk to the assistant district attorney to discuss possible plea bargains on the case. the bottom line is to make a good impression. You don’t want the court yelling at you for being late while your case is under discussion.