The Cheatham County Commission recently approved Sheriff Holder’s request to hire a new police officer to patrol Interstate 40 in search for drug traffickers. The officer will work in conjunction with the Drug Interdiction Crime Enforcement (DICE) unit . The drug interdiction unit is made up of officers from the Dickson County Sheriff”s Office and  Humphrey’s County Sheriff’s Office. As part of the deal , all the agencies will share in the amount of confiscated funds or property.

My concern about drug interdiction units is it’s all about the money.It is like the phrase from the movie ‘ Jerry Maguire ‘ " Show me the money ".

Drug Interdiction units are about seizing money . Who suffers ? Drug dealers suffer if their caught. However , traffic stops are focused on cars from Texas or suspicious looking people by that  I mean blacks and Hispanics . The war on drugs has been a dismal failure since being declared by President Nixon. Now , average citizens pay the price by bending our constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizures.