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Brown’s Diner is still the gold standard for Nashville cheeseburgers along with Rotiers.Browns started business in 1931 in an old trailer.I still eat in the old part with Terry the daytime bartender and Gordie on the weekends .It is old Nashville at it’s finest.

On to the burgers , the hamburger is served with mustard as the condiment,Cheeseburger has mayo. I wonder why the difference.The cheeseburger at Browns is fresh beef.Pattied out to perfection.Served with chopped lettuce , onion either raw or grilled, mayo,tomato,and pickle. Browns burger is different from the Hermitage Cafe burger in the beef is the focus of the burger ,In Hermitage’s cafe Burger , the cheese overpowers the beef . Also, browns is not as greasy as the Hermitage Burger,Ton of flavor and just the right size makes the Brown’s Diner burger take first place so far.The icy cold mug of Bud to chase it down added a delightful upside.

The vibe also gives Browns an edge.Regulars make the difference with some great conversation at the bar.Long time bartenders are a plus as well.You owe to yourself to try a Browns burger here in Nashville.

Browns gets five stars out of five.