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One last thing.If anyone has a suggestion for my next Nashville cheeseburger review,please post your suggestion in the comment section of the blog.You can even suggest your own place.


Most folks New Year resolutions include a good diet and more exercise.Mine was to find the best cheeseburger in Nashville , Tennessee. I stared my search this week.The criteria for the judging is taste, presentation, and the vibe of the restaurant.I will be posting the reviews though out the year.

The Hermitage Cafe is a Nashville institution.It’s mainly known for late night and early morning breakfast fare.However, it has a great cheeseburger on the menu.I ordered the double cheeseburger . It’s a great bargain at $4.50. The double cheeseburger comes with two beef patties that had been frozen.It comes on a regular bun with mayo,onions,tomato,iceberg lettuce, and pickles.

I sat at the bar and was ready to get started.The burger was hot off the grill.My first bite was juicy and it oozed with cheese.The burger had two slices of American cheese which was great.It was a great all American hamburger.

The atmosphere is eclectic and the folks that eat are from all walks of life.Disclousure.I eat breakfast there on most mornings before I trudge off to the criminal courts in Nashville and beyond. You can even find my picture on the wall with my regular breakfast companions.

I give it four out of five stars.Next week Brown’s Diner.