Why am I showing a image of someone rolling a joint when the title is " Tennessee Sentencing Hearing Tips". Simple. Avoid drug use when facing a criminal charge.Okay , I know drugs are illegal .However , I do realize some individuals use recreational drugs. It creates problems if your charged with a crime.Increasingly , some courts order drug tests at plea or prior to sentencing.A hot drug test spells doom and gloom for my clients.Conversely, it speaks well if one can pass a drug test.Here is a short list from my experiences of Tennessee criminal courts that request a drug test:

  • Division III of the Criminal Court of Davidson Tennessee orders a drug test on the defendant on the day of sentencing.I think this is fair use of a drug test.
  • The General Sessions Court of Sumner County in Gallatin , Tennessee often orders a drug screen after a plea on simple possession.If you fail , a trip to the jail may be in your future.
  • The Criminal Court  in Williamson County , Tennessee at Franklin sometimes orders drug tests at plea but prior to a sentencing hearing.

So , my tip for a successful sentencing hearing in Tennessee is don’t use any drugs for your case is pending.