Williamson County Criminal Lawyer


Ken Whitehouse of the Nashville City Paper recently interviewed Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Long . The interview focused on the challenges faced by law enforcement In Williamson County , Tennessee. Surprisingly , Sheriff Long stated prescription drug abuse is the number 1 problem facing the Williamson County Sheriff’s office. Here is some of his

Here is a warning to all those who are accused of a criminal offense in Williamson County , Tennessee. Be ready to be drug tested at any of your court appearances.. Hold on you say. I am innocent . One of my constitutional rights is that I am presumed innocent of all charges until I


Why am I showing a image of someone rolling a joint when the title is " Tennessee Sentencing Hearing Tips". Simple. Avoid drug use when facing a criminal charge.Okay , I know drugs are illegal .However , I do realize some individuals use recreational drugs. It creates problems if your charged with a