I had a motion to suppress a search warrant in a drug case in criminal court today in Gallatin , Tn.today.By agreement the case was dismissed and I headed back to Nashville. Riding down  I-65 , I was thinking about lunch which is always a highlight. Prince’s or Neely’s BBQ was the option until I remembered the article in the Tennessean about Peter Chinn . Mr. Chinn opened a Korean BBQ taco restaurant on Clarksville Highway. I have been reading about the Korean BBQ taco trucks that are all the rage in Los Angeles. Here I go.

I finally found  Peter Chinn’s Korean BBQ. I pull in and it is take out only , however there are a couple of tables outside. I order a kimchi taco , a short rib taco , and a pork taco. Out comes the Styrofoam box and back to the office. My car is quickly filled with a wonderful aroma of Asian sensations. On Rosa Parks , I peek into the box and take a peek. Delight. I take a bite of the short rib taco. It melts in my mouth. I then think of the quickest way to get back.Oh the image isn’t from Chinns but I wanted everyone to see what a Korean taco looks like.

Back at the office , the feast begins. The kimchi is first.Fermented cabbage and beef on a corn tortilla.Yum. Short rib next with a splash of the red fiery sauce on the side. The sauce overwhelmed the goodness of the taco. Warning be careful of the sauce. no sauce on the pork taco and I get the full flavors of what I smelled in the car.

The meal was Five stars. The only drawback was it was takeout and the location was not convenient. If it was in East Nashville or the Gulch it would be golden. It also had a vegetarian choice as well as a fish taco.

Check it out soon. Here’s the web site www.peterchinns.com