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 After leaving the Tennessee Supreme Court Building today , I tried  Suzy Wong’s House of Yum for the first time. I ordered off the lunch menu which was reasonably priced with Suzy’s Combo Box priced at  9 bucks. It included a spring roll , rice or lo mein , a choice of appetizers and an entree. First , I started with Asian Wonton Nachos Deluxe. it was an  Asian fusion nachos with edamame BBQ pork and several other treats. Tasty. The combo box was served in a cool plate which was broken up in segments for the portions. I had the spring roll , lo mein , pot stickers and peanut sauce chicken panang. Everything was great except the lo mein which tasted dry and maybe was leftover.

I enjoyed the meal . A lot of hipsters were there eating so the place had a great vibe. I know the restaurant has been on the scene for a awhile but it’s a great lunch place as well.