Vehicular Homicide While Texting

A 18 year old Massachusetts teen was sentenced to one year in prison after being convicted of vehicular homicide in a texting while driving case. Aaron Deveau crossed over the center line and hit a car killing the driver . Deveau initially stated he was thinking about his homework when he veered suddenly to avoid rear ending a car . As he tried to avoid a crash , he ran into another driver. Prosecutors argued that Deveau was texting and driving. There was evidence of 193 texts that day including one minutes before the deadly crash.

In Tennessee , it is illegal to text and drive . It carries a $50.00 fine. However , law enforcement officials state it is hard to enforce since cell phone use is not banned. Yet the question remains , could someone be charged with vehicular homicide in Tennessee if they we texting and driving. The answer is they could. One could be found guilty if the reckless killing was the proximate result of conduct creating a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to a person. From all the data and reports , everyone knows it is dangerous to text and drive. If the state can prove you were texting and driving , it appears they can make their case. However , other factors could be present to avoid a conviction. Remember , the conduct of texting and driving has to be the proximate result of the accidentContinue Reading Teen Convicted of Vehicular Homicide While Texting