Stacey Barchenger  reported on last Friday’s hearing in the Vanderbilt rape case. One defendant asked for a continuance in order to obtain an expert witness and one defendant requested the jury to be sequestered. Both motions were denied. The case is set for November 3rd ,2014. I watched a little bit of the hearing on Friday waiting on my

Ceelo Green suffered an extreme public relations backlash when he tweeted his understanding of what is rape. After his plea to a charge of giving a women ecstasy , he aired his case on Twitter . Here is a couple of his  tweets;

In posts that were later deleted from his account, Green addressed the case, tweeting, “People

How the government will implement  collecting DNA at the time of arrest remains a subject of discussion .The Urban Institute Justice Policy Center issued a final technical report on the policies , practices , and implications of collecting DNA at the time of arrest. Here are a few of their findings;

  1. Arrestee laws will increase

A Gallatin , Tennessee band teacher was charged with statutory rape by an authority figure .  From news reports , a female teacher had sexual relations over 20 times with a student . The case is set for hearing in the General Sessions Court of Sumner County , Tennessee in December. There are two points about