NPR featured a story on Betty Ann Waters  . Ms. Water’s  brother was wrongfully convicted of a murder he didn’t commit. DNA evidence proved he did not do it 18 years later. In an effort to exonerate her brother , Ms. Waters goes to law school , gets her degree and later frees

A North Carolina special state innocence commission recommended that a man convicted of murdering a prostitute be set free.A three judge panel found by "clear and convincing evidence" that Gregory F.Taylor was innocent and had been convicted with questionable evidence and untrustworthy testimony.Mr.Taylor is free today.

North Carolina is the only state that has established an Innocence Inquiry Commission.A eight member panel reviews claims of innocence by inmates.After a review of the claim, the case may be sent to a three judge panel if the first panel finds the claim has merit.

"North Carolina’s commission is an important model for the adjudication of innocence claims"’ said Barry Scheck of the New York Innocence Project.The Innocence Project uses DNA evidence to overturn wrongful convictions.However, over 90% of criminal cases  does not involve DNA evidence reports Robbie Brown of the New York Times.Continue Reading North Carolina Frees Inmate