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The U.S. Justice Department is taking a new approach on drug crimes. The department is encouraging low level convicted drug dealers to request clemency . Clemency would allow up to 12,000 inmates to be released early . The federal system is making the move to save money on the costs it takes to house a

A question that pops up over and over again is " Does a confidential informant have do tell me they are the police ? "  One can count on the police recording activity of illegal drug sales or interviewing suspects under criminal investigation . Secret recordings are one of the standard tools that police use every day.

My last post illustrated your constitutional right to remain silent when confronted by police. Following up on that theme is a report from the morning news. Eric Bugg was stopped for following a tractor trailer truck too closely. Once he was stopped, a Nashville police drug interdiction officer  saw two duffel bags in the


When does your Miranda rights become effective ?.The general rule is that once you are placed into custody you Miranda rights against self incrimination  begin.Custody is usually defined as once you have been placed under formal arrest. However , custody is not always a black and white issue.

The Tennessee Supreme Court has

Several years ago the Tennessee State Legislature enacted the Drug Free School Zone Act.  The purpose was to prevent drug trafficking at or near our schools.  I agree wholeheartedly that schools should be a place of learning and not a breeding ground for drug sales to children.  However, the police and the District Attorneys

Here is a video of an execution of a search warrant.  Most search warrants do not go like this, but I thought it is a great example of a search warrant gone wrong.  Thanks to Simple Justice and Radley Balko for this educational video.