Gallatin Criminal Defense Lawyer

Can intoxication be a defense to a first degree murder case ?  It can be a defense to one element of the case . In most criminal cases , the State of Tennessee must prove the Mens Rea  or criminal intent of the defendant’s mind. In a first degree murder case , the state must

As I was walking to the criminal courthouse in Gallatin , Tennessee for a motion hearing , I noticed a new sign for a lawyer on the corner . The sign advertised General Sessions Lawyer .  What is a General Sessions lawyer ? Under Tennessee rules of specialization , Tennessee does not recognize such

The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed a theft case where the amount stolen was over $10,000. Mr.Sisk was originally convicted of aggravated burglary and theft of property and based upon his prior record received 27 years in prison.The evidence at trial consisted only of a cigarette butt that was inside the house. One problem