Jan Hoffman of The New York Times reported on the issue of juveniles not understanding their rights when questioned by the police. The  studies show that  a juvenile is not developmentally ready to make decisions that will impact their life forever. One common misconception is that the parents must be present when their child is questioned

Interrogation techniques work and sometimes they lead to false confessions in murder and child sex crimes. Why ?

Suspect factors :

1. Studies have shown that vulnerable persons , such as juveniles , mentally ill or mentally retarded are much more vulnerable to police interrogation techniques.

2 .However , The Reid techniques and it’s

Why would an innocent person confess to a murder or rape that they didn’t commit.Ask Eddie Lowery. Mr Lowery was convicted of rape with no physical evidence that he committed the rape. However , one piece of evidence was present , his confession. Mr Lowery was convicted by a jury , but later science set