Kerry Kennedy is on trial in a New York courtroom . The charge is driving under the influence of a generic form of Ambien . Most folks don’t realize they can be charged with driving under the influence of a prescribed  medication. Ms. Kennedy’s defense is that   she was rushing off to the gym

The Tennessean ran a story recently on drugged driving in Tennessee.Here are some take away facts from the story;

  • The Tennessee District Attorneys Conference will ask state lawmakers to strengthen DUI laws to make it easier to convict drugged drivers.
  • Prescription drugs have grown to the second most abused drug in the country after marijuana

 I was reading Flem Whited’s "Drinking and Driving Law Letter " today.One case that was interesting was a case out of Illinois. In People v. McPeak , the court reversed a DUI conviction based upon the use of marijuana. The court held that the odor of cannabis coming from the defendant’s  person coupled with his

Purdue Pharma has taken action to prevent abuse of it’s powerful painkiller OxyContin.Purdue has taken steps to reformulate OxyContin to prevent the pill from being cut,broken,chewed,crushed or dissolved to release more medication that increase the risk of drug abuse and overdoses.It is predicted the new format will result in less abuse by inhaling or injection.OxyContin

While I was in court today in Sumner County ,Tn., I bought a copy of  the Gallatin News Examiner , In the community forum section, State Rep. Mike McDonald of Portland ,Tn. wrote  an update on the new DUI laws up for discussion.House Bill 3280 revises the list of substances that can be cited as