Oops . I made a mistake . Yesterday , I posted about the collection of DNA samples at the time of arrest . Thanks to a Nashville Night Court Commissioner who reads the blog . I was advised that Tennessee does collect DNA samples at the time of arrest in some cases. I was not


NPR featured a story on Betty Ann Waters  . Ms. Water’s  brother was wrongfully convicted of a murder he didn’t commit. DNA evidence proved he did not do it 18 years later. In an effort to exonerate her brother , Ms. Waters goes to law school , gets her degree and later frees

A Gallatin , Tennessee man was released from the Sumner County jail based upon DNA evidence.Chris Cannon of Nashville’s News Channel 5 reported that District Attorney Ray Whitley nolled the murder charge against. Joshua Singletary was accused of murdering Lydia Gutierrez.However ,it appears that Mr.Singletary remains a suspect.

This case is but another example