The Tennessee Legislature passed a new sentencing bill in the last minutes of the legislative session. The proposed new law would establish a new enhancement factor for defendants who are aliens illegally or unlawfully in this country and who have previously been deported for a criminal offense. If the sentence cannot be agreed to by the district attorney and the defense attorney, the trial court will conduct a sentencing hearing to determine the manner and length of the sentence. One of the considerations is enhancements factors. The complete list of sentencing factors can be found here. The new law places an unfair burden on the judges of this state.

The Tennessean has reported  that similar types of laws have been declared unconstitutional. From a common sense perspective the law is a waste of taxpayer money solely in an attempt to make political capital at taxpayer expense. Here is a real life example. A person in this category once arrested would have a ICE hold on them. Meaning that once they got out of jail, they would be deported because they were once deported. Also, the Federal government could prosecute for illegal reentry. Illegal reentry has a maximum punishment up to 20 years.

Now, the Legislature wants to allow Tennessee judges to order the defendant to serve more time in Tennessee prisons before they are deported or prosecuted in the Federal courts. Guess who foots the bill ? Tennessee taxpayers. It is expensive to house inmates.. The bill’s fiscal note was for $500,000.00. It can’t possibly be this low of an amount.

The Tennessee Legislature passed a bill knowing it may be declared unconstitutional. Additional it costs Tennessee taxpayers. It seems it is okay to fight a gas tax to fix roads but it is fine to spend money to keep people in jail unnecessarily.


The bill awaits the Governor’s signature.